Theme Song

When I was 18, one of my best friends, Rex, who was my first boss in radio, asked me what my theme song was?  At the time I did not really understand the significance of the question. But I answered honestly. And oddly enough, that song is still my theme song now, almost 30 years later.

And when I told him, he was not surprised. He smiled and said he should have known and said it was a great song.  And we all have a theme song, don’t we?  That song that comes on, and we instantly feel out power and confidence.

I hadn’t thought about my theme song in a long time, and then I heard it on the radio tonight.  And I know that my friend Rex is sending me a message from Heaven.  See, you can do it. stop doubting yourself, I can hear him whisper.

And I am reminded of something he wrote for me about 15 years ago. We all need someone in our corner like Rex was in mine.

Relationship: former boss, her photographer, friend

How you met: job interview

First impression: Electricity. You’ve heard of a wolf in sheep’s clothing? A woman in girl’s clothing.

How long you’ve known him/her: since ’91.

Straight or other: very straight without preconcieved notions.

Age: WAY apart

Occupation if he/she weren’t doing what they’re doing now: actress, model, councellor.

Most positive memory: The way she stuck by when I didn’t think anyone would.

Most attractive feature: her smile… but don’t forget her legs.

Most attractive personality trait: Makes you feel you’re the center of the universe; pixie innocence with a Bond girl’s suave.

Most glaring weakness: Doesn’t know what she has.

Hidden attribute(s): A cast iron core encased in electric velvet; PHENOMENAL intellect.

Reminiscent song: “Sister Golden Hair” by America.

Synopsis: Beauty and grace, inside and out; capable of transmitting it, too. When she leaves a room it’ll feel empty.

Any surprises: Willing to try anything within the bounds of reason and her mores: a bit of a gambler.

Angers at: People who pick on the smaller and the infirm. People who condescend to her, too.

Lingering impression: You’ll remember her and you won’t know why.

Biggest misconception: That she’s an airhead.

If he/she were and animal?: dolphin, probably.

Ideal job: Executive in talent development at a features/self-help magazine.

Ideal pet: probably a fish; she’s always in motion and they require little care.

Liquor: Brandy or cognac but could probably drink you under the table in bourbon.

Loves: Any kind of art which took S O U L to produce; painting, music, visual, dance, writing, motion picture/video, etc.

Would you recommend him/her as a friend/other?: Top of the list.

My theme song:

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