When You’re Right

There is such a thing as being a gracefull winner. Just like being a good loser, it is considered good sportsmanship. You don’t brag, you don’t gloat, you shake hands, tell them good game, smile and gracefully move forward.

But what about when the other person has been horrible to you, and you turn out to be right? Well, theoretically you should be graceful especially then. I would love to say that I am that good of a person. But I am not.

Sometimes it is necessary to gloat, and talk smack, and give that medicine right back. After all, if they can’t take it, they shouldn’t dish it out. And I feel no sympathy for those who are cruel, then get upset when they are treated like they treated others.

So if you find yourself in the position of being right…you should always be a gracious winner. But if, every now and then, you aren’t….then make sure you enjoy rubbing their nose in it, until it’s sore and red.

Life is short. Be good most of the time. Truly be the best person you can be, every day. The to 10% of the time…if you are going to be a bad winner….enjoy it.

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