When You’re Right

There is such a thing as being a gracefull winner. Just like being a good loser, it is considered good sportsmanship. You don’t brag, you don’t gloat, you shake hands, tell them good game, smile and gracefully move forward.

But what about when the other person has been horrible to you, and you turn out to be right? Well, theoretically you should be graceful especially then. I would love to say that I am that good of a person. But I am not.

Sometimes it is necessary to gloat, and talk smack, and give that medicine right back. After all, if they can’t take it, they shouldn’t dish it out. And I feel no sympathy for those who are cruel, then get upset when they are treated like they treated others.

So if you find yourself in the position of being right…you should always be a gracious winner. But if, every now and then, you aren’t….then make sure you enjoy rubbing their nose in it, until it’s sore and red.

Life is short. Be good most of the time. Truly be the best person you can be, every day. The to 10% of the time…if you are going to be a bad winner….enjoy it.

I’ll be There

Maybe that’s the thing – when I grow up I was raised to believe there was no reason to protect men from women or women from Men. Because there was no reason for women to fear man, because the men protected, revered, respected, and provided everything that they needed. And women respected and revered Man too. And that’s the way it was. So they never separated us in church camp or church settings, or lock-ins, or all the youth events. They encouraged us to be together, because they trusted that the values that they instilled in us would carry us through.

Except when you get out there in the real world, and the world of eHarmony, and Match.com and Tinder, and Netflix and chill, and hook up and drop off, that’s really not the case, is it? When and where is it exactly  that women are respected and protected by men, and the women respect and treat the men kindly? When in this modern time and day and age of Kardashians, and lip injections, and bigger is best, and more is King, is simple kindness and respect revered, or even taught?

And so here I am, in middle age, being reminded that “That’s the stuff!” Because truly, it is. That’s the stuff that makes us smile, that makes us know that we matter, that makes us believe in ourselves and each other, and makes us believe in the dreams everything inside and outside of ourselves.

And so we hear of Grace and love and love and grace, but what exactly does that mean? I don’t know. I do know that I found it in those old teachings, when I was just a child, learning about what it meant to respect and love each other. And I wonder if it’s ever too late to return to that world?

Maybe we can’t change the world or when the Nobel Peace Prize or the Pulitzer. But do we really need to? What if every day, and every way, the people who are close to us in our lives, we treat with those old-fashioned values? What if we did that? What if we held a small Revolution within our own little world, in our own little circle? What if we all did that? What kind of Pulitzer Prize are Nobel Prize can we win if we all participated in that connectivity and respect of those around us?

So here it is, in the night, I’m broken-hearted, and overwhelmed, and wondering if I can do it all myself? That I am reminded of the peace, and love, and companionship, that I thought was in my past. As I look out in front of me, at those people who are helping me, and encouraging me, I know they want me to succeed.

I’m reminded that it doesn’t have to be anything sexual between a man and a woman, but good or best friends, can help help each other. I am reminded that it is the simple beauty and innocence of the human Spirit that keeps us going; it gives us faith, it gives us a hug, at each moment, it’s heartbeat, it’s Dream, It’s hope, each and every moment at a time, that gives us the strength, and probability, to persevere.

All of the love, all of the hearts, all of the dreams, all of the faith, all of those that love us and come before us, that energy culminates to bring to us to where we are right now.

And it is that beauty, that faith, that love, that Humanity, that allows us to move forward, even in our most broken hearted, even at our most flawed. Because it is when we are most troubled, that we are also our almost beautiful, and almost Human.

As I look in front of me, at the beautiful human being that is in front of me;  complicated, complex, and flawed,  I’m reminded of the humanity and Grace, and beauty. Extended to us in the circumstances by God.

Life is short. When you are heartbroken, and you need help, and you asked for someone to be there, if they say that they will be there, they should be.

If someone says that they have changed their mind, or they don’t love you anymore for whatever reason, walk away from them. Say “I don’t deserve you or your spirit or your goodness. I don’t deserve you and your life at all.” Let them be. If someone steps up, and says “Yes I will take this pain and I will shoulder it with you,” make sure to keep them close to you. Because that is the kind of person who is truly a rare gem indeed. And obviously someone you need to keep in your life, and appreciate always and forever.