The Signs

Once in a while, we all look for signs. Signs that we are on the right path, made the right decision, or just which direction to go. Sometimes it is for validation, sometimes it is for more. For me, seeing signs that I have made the right decision is happy validation, and a bit of a relief.

So when I discovered that the leak in the downstairs bedroom was back, I took it as a sign that it’s a good thing I am leaving. It’s like God and the Universe saying….”See, we told you you needed to go someplace else, because this is what would be waiting for you otherwise…”

It is clear that my future is not here and all the signs are pointing to such. It is amazing how the signs line up when you have made the right decision. I have prayed, cried, wondered and asked for opinions. And everything, all the signs are leaning in the same direction. There is such support that it is over whelming, and enough love that there can be no misunderstanding it.

I remember when I moved to Atlanta, and Ohio, and New York, and back to Atlanta. IT was hard, but all the signs were there. And the signs are here too.

Life is short. Make your decisions and do the best you can. Pray and look for the signs. Your gut feelings and all those signs will never lead you wrong.