There are several truths that I have come across in my life. And this particular slide absolutely Nails three of them. Another truth but I believe in, is pay attention to how someone treats either children or someone who’s sick. If a man is mean to a child or those who are sick or weak, regardless of age, this is a horrible human being and not someone you want in your life. If someone is mean to a pregnant woman, that goes double. And of course you don’t want anyone in your life that’s cruel to an animal.

And if you notice there’s a theme: here: You basically don’t want any one who is mean. Mean people destroy any kind of Joy or happiness around them and the joy and happiness for others. Be smart, leave those mean people in the dust. And one thing I’ve also found, is mean people are most often the most miserable people. But that can’t be your problem. Walk away from them anyway.

Another truth is that people with compassion empathy and loyalty are the kinds of people you want in your life. Those are the kinds of people that will help multiply Joy, not completely stuck it out of the room. And a time when you should be celebrating – whether it’s a new job, or a new house, or a new baby, or a promotion – if someone is mean to you instead of celebrating with you, you just walk away. Actually run.

The people who should be in your life are going to be ones who celebrate with you, who help you, who when you tell them about your new job, or your new house, or anything good in your life at all, they will be the first ones to congratulate you and ask what they can do to help celebrate.

Life is short, spend it with those who are nice and kind and compassionate. Those mean people? They can go straight to hell. Who knows, with as miserable as they are, that may be the only place where they’re happy.

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