Best Birthday Ever

I was raised to believe that your birthday is a sacred day to be celebrated. If you were conceived in love, and born in love, then your birthday should be celebrated with love.

This birthday had everyone I loved in it. Everyone one I wanted to be there, was there, without exception. Not a single person missing. And it was wonderful. And gifts to open, wine to drink, stories to tell, a wonderful delicious dinner and truly everything I ever wanted my birthday to be. There was laughter and music and smiles and love. Most of all love. You can never have too much love, after all.

So this year is shaping up to me quite amazing with more joy and happiness than I thought possible. I am truly fortunate. And life is amazing and only getting better by the day.

Life is short. Celebrate with those you love, Because those who want to be there, will be. And those are the ones you give yourself and your heart to.

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