There are several truths that I have come across in my life. And this particular slide absolutely Nails three of them. Another truth but I believe in, is pay attention to how someone treats either children or someone who’s sick. If a man is mean to a child or those who are sick or weak, regardless of age, this is a horrible human being and not someone you want in your life. If someone is mean to a pregnant woman, that goes double. And of course you don’t want anyone in your life that’s cruel to an animal.

And if you notice there’s a theme: here: You basically don’t want any one who is mean. Mean people destroy any kind of Joy or happiness around them and the joy and happiness for others. Be smart, leave those mean people in the dust. And one thing I’ve also found, is mean people are most often the most miserable people. But that can’t be your problem. Walk away from them anyway.

Another truth is that people with compassion empathy and loyalty are the kinds of people you want in your life. Those are the kinds of people that will help multiply Joy, not completely stuck it out of the room. And a time when you should be celebrating – whether it’s a new job, or a new house, or a new baby, or a promotion – if someone is mean to you instead of celebrating with you, you just walk away. Actually run.

The people who should be in your life are going to be ones who celebrate with you, who help you, who when you tell them about your new job, or your new house, or anything good in your life at all, they will be the first ones to congratulate you and ask what they can do to help celebrate.

Life is short, spend it with those who are nice and kind and compassionate. Those mean people? They can go straight to hell. Who knows, with as miserable as they are, that may be the only place where they’re happy.

I Miss You

I was asked to post this again. So here it is. Enjoy!

I Miss You

To miss someone is defined as to discover or feel the absence of. But I think it is much more than that, You can notice someone is not there, but not miss them. When someone says “I miss you.” A certain feeling in conveyed. A feeling of not just noticing someone’s absence, but wishing for their return. Even that does not peg exactly what missing feels like.

To me, missing someone means much more. It means that you think about them, and think of them fondly.  That they pop into your head at different times during the day, like when you hear a song or something happens you would like to tell them, but can’t. It means that you want to know about what is happening with them, and you would like to reestablish a connection. It means you like them and wish them to be close. You wish they were here. You want to hear their voice, see their smile, be in their physical presence.

And what is the cure for this missing? Well, aside from the obvious –  spending time together, talking and bonding, there really isn’t anything to be done. You just, miss them. And maybe, if you are lucky, in time, they return or you don’t miss them as much. Until then, you keep busy, dive into work, distract your mind. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes you just have to miss them anyway.

And to me, that is what it means to say I miss you.

The Shoulders of Giants

If I have seen a little further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.” – Sir Isaac Newton

The move.  And the packing.  It is going amazingly well. And I am amazed at the outpouring of love and support. It is truly amazing. Friends are coming out of the woodwork to help. Last night at one of my many birthday dinners this month, friend volunteered to come over and pack. My sister and nephews have come over, and are coming over this weekend. Friends are offering to throw packing moving parties. One friend is even flying in from California to help. Offers to drive, to help pay, to pack, to help plan, to HELP and all over the place.

And all of them have said the same thing: “I am helping you after you have helped me.” That is called Karma, and it is quite amazing.

Because the truth is that I do need help with this move.  I never thought I would be doing this “alone.” And I guess I am not…because of all the love and support and help that is coming to me now. Every time I get overwhelmed or scared, someone is there, encouraging me.  They call, they text, they instant message, they show up in person. And a text from one of my dearest and longest friends, made me smile and kept my heart warm all day.  Another text from another dear friend, checking in to make sure that this birthday is the best it has ever been. Which is good, because this is very new territory.

And they encourage me not only with the move, but with life.  Yes, you should take belly dancing classes. And the most recent – YES, you should do online dating again, NOW.  I swore I would never do it again. but…maybe this time, in a new place, it would be best. A new start? Yes, I believe so. Why not go all the way with the new? No sense in pining away for someone who doesn’t want me. Maybe it is time to step out with a new man. At least for coffee. So I dusted off my old profile and looked around. Ugh. Maybe tomorrow.

And so it goes, with the move, with life, with my birthday, with the new year. With all of it. If it seems I am accomplishing a lot it is because I stand on the shoulders of giants.  Giants who are my champion. Giants who cheer for me, care for me, encourage me and push me beyond my comfort zone to reach new heights. No doubt this will be an amazing time, and no matter where I live, there my friends will always be my cheering section.

Life is short, and when you find friends who truly want the best for you, who will help you, check on you, love you and accept you, appreciate them.. Keep them. Love them back so beautifully that they will never doubt how much you value them.

Best Birthday Ever

I was raised to believe that your birthday is a sacred day to be celebrated. If you were conceived in love, and born in love, then your birthday should be celebrated with love.

This birthday had everyone I loved in it. Everyone one I wanted to be there, was there, without exception. Not a single person missing. And it was wonderful. And gifts to open, wine to drink, stories to tell, a wonderful delicious dinner and truly everything I ever wanted my birthday to be. There was laughter and music and smiles and love. Most of all love. You can never have too much love, after all.

So this year is shaping up to me quite amazing with more joy and happiness than I thought possible. I am truly fortunate. And life is amazing and only getting better by the day.

Life is short. Celebrate with those you love, Because those who want to be there, will be. And those are the ones you give yourself and your heart to.