Belly Dancing

Sometimes in life, we need to do what is fun. And what better time than after I move? And I am thinking abiut belly dancing – a great way to meet people, have fun and stay fit. I am at my ideal weight, looking good and feeling good too. As I get more and more excited about my move, the more plans I make. And one of my goals is to have fun.

In belly dancing, you use extremely isolated muscles, so even though you are barely moving, sweat is pouring out of you are you’re exhausted afterwords. But it is fun, as you shake, and shimmer. And it makes you feel extremely sexy to boot. Sign me up.

The move will be a new beginning for me, so there is definitely reason to celebrate and have much fun. The belly dancing it is! And I’m sure there will be blogs of the pink tank trying to dance, which will be entertaining for all.

Life is short. Do what’s fun, see what’s brings you Joy, and do what makes you smile.