Lining Up and Falling In

I have long had a theory about life – actually I have many theories, but this blog will only discuss one. When you make a decision and it brings you Peace, then it is the right one. This week I made a huge decision that will impact the everything in my life. And I am at Peace with it. Not only is there Peace, everything is lining up to make it happen.

It appears that stepping out of your comfort zone isn’t so uncomfortable at all, once you take the first steps and start the momentum. Once you take a deep breath and pray and trust. And once you have enough faith to believe that you can indeed do it.

People are coming forward, finding me, and volunteering to help make the journey easier. Everything is approved and is laid out, the plans unfolding even before I have to make any effort to make it so. And this is not about it being easy. because we were never promised an easy life. And sometimes you do have to fight and put a lot of effort into what you want. Most of the time actually, because your dreams are always worth fighting for. But sometimes, God and the Universe give you gifts. And when they do, you should appreciate them.

And so I am incredible thankful for all that is lining up and falling into place. I am thankful for people who are not supportive falling by the wayside, I am thankful for those who are stepping up to the place and enriching this decision.But most of all, I am thankful that this path is being lit up for me so beautifully that there is nothing else that I can see and no other path that I want to take.

Life is short. Take the risk, step out of the comfort zone, and live a little. Even if you fail, you tried. But what if you don’t? What if you succeed? That alone is worth the chance.