Walk Away Baby Girl

If a man doesn’t treat you right, walk away.  If a man doesn’t keep his promises to you, or to make the effort to work at the relationship to do whatever it takes to keep you and each other…walk away.

There are for too many men out there in the world than to settle for an arrogant boy who is more interested in playing games than being a real man.

Walk away, baby girl, walk away.

Move to another state, and even if you end up in his neighborhood, walk away.

I want a man who is willing to go the distance, who doesn’t give up, who is kind and gentle and who is in it for the long haul.  A man who is in it to win it, not someone who is going to bail after a few bad days or bad fights.  I want a man who will be there, through thick and thin. Because that is the kind of woman I am, and that is the kind of partner I deserve in return.

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