My Favorite Aunt

Aunts are special people in our lives.  Not our parents or grandparents, they are usually the cool people with whom we can talk and and they tell us all kinds of great stories.  And that was my Aunt Mae, my favorite aunt.  She was funny, and generous, and kind and bossy and wonderful. And even though we did not see each together that often, mostly at family reunions, I always loved talking with her every chance I could.  And she gave the best hugs. And if she gave you a compliment, you better believe it was sincere.

She lived a long life, in her 90’s, and had many adventures.  And I will miss her dearly. I imagine her embracing her beloved husband, my Uncle Doyle, and them laughing, having a great time catching her up with my parents and other family members. Soon, they will welcome another one of my aunts, not far behind.

Life is short, even when you live in your 90s. Don’t take of if for granted. Appreciate every minute. And always, ALWAYS say I love you to those you care about, because you never know when it might be the last time you see them.

And no matter what, Aunt Mae taught me to always, always have adventures.



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