The Birthday Girl

It is January, the start of the new year, but more importantly, it is the month of my birthday.  Growing up Mom would take us shopping very year for our birthday. And we would celebrate all month, because she said we should always celebrate our lives.

And so I carry that lesson with me, not only the day, but the entire month. Whatever it is that I want, it will be because it is my birthday month.  And honestly, I need some celebration right now.  Coming off the dismal holidays, cheer is needed.

And sometime that is what you have to do in life – manufacture reasons to celebrate. Find an excuse to smile and be happy.  Fake it till you make it, per se.  Because things will be better eventually And why shouldn’t we celebrate our lives?  Why shouldn’t we celebrate our choices and where we are now, and where we are going.

Life is short.  Celebrate it, love it, even the hard parts.  Because it won’t always be hard. And life is too short to mope around or throw a pity party. So get up, put on some lipstick and a pair of amazing heels, and celebrate.

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