The Plan

I have written extensively about how man plans and God laughs.  But I am a plan kind of gal. I like having what I need to do laid out so I can do them. I am spontaneous, yes, but when it comes to big life things, I need a plan.  And I had a plan. I had the rest of my life figured out. And now…what?

“Have you ever wanted to shed your skin and just walk away from everything?” I remember someone asking me once several years ago. And at the time, I had not. But now, I can imagine that very much.

I started planning a move from Atlanta two years ago.  I signed a tow year lease, with the intention of moving away when that lease was up.  I knew where I was going to go, just needed to make the plan to get there. And t hough the location changed, the plan to move was in action.

And then it wasn’t. And after an entire two years worth of planning, I was back a square one. In addition to heartbreak, it was frustrating to have to start all over, when I would have been right where I wanted to be if none of the interference happened. So back to the drawing board.

And a thought happened so loud that I nearly scream ed it out – I” wish I had the guts to make a bold move now instead of play it safe.”

And I started shaking. And wondering….what if I did?

And so I talked with a friend who reminded of who I was and that I can do anything.  I have already lived through the worst of the worst, the most painful there is…what could I possibly be afraid of?  What was my fear?

And after that conversation I realized that he was right. And while it still may take a little bit of planning, I am ready for that change. And it is closer than I think.

Life is short. Take risks. Even if you fail, at least you tried.

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