The Perfect NYE

It was perfect, just for me. It was exactly what I needed, the perfect New Years Eve.  It is no secret that this holiday season has been the hardest in many years, but for different reasons.  It is hard when you have a plan, and the plan changes, with the rug being pulled out form under you, when you have no back up plan .

When this happens you first go into panic mode, or survival mode.  For me it was figuring out where I was going to live, because the plan changed just as my lease was up. My landlord graciously agreed to an extension. And then there was the issue of the house. The one was found and the lease signed. And there was physical relief – I was not going to homeless. I actually cried.

And so it was time to celebrate. But not the loud celebration that was last year, but something more quiet and comforting. And so an old friend came over, someone who knew me well before all of this.  Someone who knew who I was at my worst and my best. Someone who could look me in the eye and remind of who I was, and have always been.  Someone who could whisper to me “Never forget who. You. Are.”

And the perfect new years was spent not in a bar, or a loud place, but in my home.  With someone who wanted nothing more that a quiet place too, and to be there for someone in who needed. And so there was a lot of music, and a lot of talking and a lot of guitar playing, softly, quietly, and a lot of catching up and a lot of just being nice to another human being.  All things that I have recently missed.

And that was the perfect new years for me, this year, this time in this moment.

Life is short.  Spent it with people who comfort you when you need it.


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