A Year and a Decade

Yes it is time for that ever present review of the year, and in this case, the decade.

This year has been…an experience. It has been a tumultuous year, a year of adventure and a lot of travel. It started out with Belize and the Caymans, DC, Texas, New Jersey, California, Florida, Alabama, and South Carolina. It saw tears, laughter, highs, lows and all the standards…Blah, blah, blah.

But what did this year really see?  It saw me try my hardest. It saw me truly give of myself and fall flat on my face. But it saw me get back up too. It saw me let go of old hurts and heal old wounds that had been so deep I wasn’t sure if they would ever heal. But they did this year. This year saw me help another human that I loved dearly, and have to let go. This year saw me learn more about death, lessons I thought I had already learned.

It saw me put my career on at the forefront and succeed. It saw me stretch my limits and accomplish a what I did not think I could. It saw some bad bosses, and some great mentors.

But most of all this year has seen my heart, splayed open in the most vulnerable way. And in a way, that is something to be proud of, because there was a time that I would rather chop off my own arm rather than be vulnerable. So this year has seen growth.

And the decade? Wow, that is whole other story. It was 10 years ago that I started as a writer, doing contract work. This decade has seen me become, and mature into a true writer, which is an amazing dream come true. It has taken an extreme amount of hard work, but it has also taken people who believed in me and saw the talents and took the chance.

the 20teens have seen the deaths of several of my best friends and my parents.  I have said goodbye to my family, but I have also found myself and strength that I never thought that I had.  Because of this, it has also given me confidence that I never knew until now.  And not the loud confidence that must announce itself when it enters the room, but rather the kind that is silent.

This decade saw me fall in love, and get heartbroken. It has seen such unbelievable heartache that I never thought I would smile or laugh again.  But I did.

And this decade has shown me that you cannot put life in a box, because whatever it is, life is bigger than that. It is bigger than anything that could possibly contain it because it cannot be contained.  The depth and breadth of our love, our hope, our Will, our hopes and dreams, our heartache, our faith, our disappointments, are all that makes up the vastness of the universe and beyond.  So don’t ever limit yourself and place yourself in a box either.

Mostly because, all because, this decade has taught me how short and truly precious life is.