A Prayer at Communion

Church is where I go when I need love, devine, unconditional love that only God can give. And I needed that today. Church also feeds my soul, gives me Peace and reminds me that everything happens for a reason, even if we don’t understand the reason at the time. And now, especially now, I need the prayers and comfort.

And after Communion, after that most Holy of things, I found myself desperately praying a prayer that surprised even me. I found myself practically sobbing:

“God, please, please take away my love for him.  I can’t stop that kind of love, but you can.”

Love shouldn’t hurt so much. It should be a joyful thing.  And I gave it willingly, joyfully and generously. But it must be received and reciprocated. And when it is not, then the love must stop.  And so I pray.

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