A New Lease on Life

Soon it will be a new year.  Soon there will be a new lease and a new house in which to move. It is a fascinating looking at houses, imaging where my furniture will go, getting the feel of the flow of the house and looking at the rooms and stylings of design. And I look and wonder what amazing memories will be made in this new place. What will the neighbors be like? And new adventures will be had?

While moving is always a pain that I never enjoy, finding a new place is always exciting. It is not my choice to move, the landlord is selling, and it is not the area or even state I thought I would be moving to, but changes happen in life and you have to adjust.  And there is no sense in throwing a pity party when you can throw a house warming party.

And that is the thing about life, we may have to adjust and replan, but that just means we can make it whatever we want. And what I want is a house full of love. I want great friends and wonderful memories.  I want quiet nights and long conversations. I want everything that is good and real and wonderful in this new house.

Life is short.  Make the best of what you have and always be willing to make new memories in new places.And so I move, with a new lease on life.

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