Love and Christmas

This definitely wasn’t the holiday that I had planned. And as the saying goes man plans and God laughs. But I thought I would be in a different place, with different people, and different gifts, and a whole different atmosphere. And then I thought one of the worst things that could happen before Christmas did happen. And I found myself alone. Now I’ve spent Christmas alone before, and it was terrible. Was absolutely miserable. And I thought that that’s how this Christmas would be too. But I was completely and utterly wrong.

This Christmas is turned out to be one of the best that I’ve had in about five years. There was delicious food and conversation. about History, religion, politics. From all different views. We talked about King Henry VIII and how he worked with Martin Luther in the 1500s to create the Church of England seperate from the Catholic Church. Talked about History of the Roman Empire, the Civil War, the Lost Scriptures of the Bible.

It was fascinating and wonderful. But more than anything, there was love. There have been gifts this Christmas, but by far the most valuable and most appreciated one has been love. Kindness comes in a close second.

Truly I am blessed to have such wonderful friends and so much love. And for the first time since Sunday, because of kindness, I am not shaking or cold. It costs nothing to be kind and give love, yet kindness and love can heal even the deepest wounds caused by others.

So when others are unkind to you, or even cruel, it says more about them and what’s going on inside them and how they feel about themselves, than it ever will say about you. People who are flourishing and happy are not cruel to others. People who are happy within themselves and people who like themselves, do not lash out at others. The best thing you can do for those people is to love them anyway – from a far distance, because the most challenging are often the ones who need to love the most.

Life is short. Enjoy the holidays with those who treat you kindly and love you the most in the best. I did, and my heart is truly full tonight.

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