Its the holidays, not that you could possibly miss that fact, with Christmas trees being up in stores since before Halloween. People are rushing around, buy this and that’s, going to parties. Making travel plans, going to see friends and family. It is all the hustle and bustle this time of year imvolves.

And indeed I have been bsuy as well. Busy with work and cleaning house. Buying a few things here and there. There are a few plans made, but not many. And it is not for a lack of invites either.

The truth is, I haven’t felt much of anything this holiday season. No joy or sorrow, just kind of…nothing. Which is rather odd for me. But maybe it is the natural progression. The last three holidays have been pretty miserable. Now it has moved to no sadness really, but no excitement either. But I’ll take it.

The holidays are hard when you have lost a loved one, nevermind several. After that the holidays aren’t ever the same. And that is OK. And maybe it will take several years for the holidays to feel not awkward, or burdensome, or unkind. And that is OK too. Because it is all a process.

But life is always a series of decisions. And we can accomplish whatever we set our minds to. Yes, mind over matter. Or on this case, mind over sorrow. And we can decide to be happy, anyway. We can decide to smile, anyway. We can decide to have a fabulous time, anyway. We can decide to laugh, love, live, and grow anyway.

And so I do. And I will have a wonderful time this Christmas, even though…anyway. I will make the wholehearted effort to find the joy in all the situations. I will look for the love, see the good, laugh out loud, and make it fabulous.

You can feel blah, or sad, or depressed, or mad, or whatever. You just can’t live there. You have to pick get yourself up sometimes. But how? How do you get yourself out of the quicksand? I don’t know, but what works for me is simply being too stubborn to stay in the dumps. You pick yourself up, look yourself in the mirror, and reach deep, where the heart meets the soul, and pull yourself up. You must do this because in real life, no kne is there to do it for you. So put on your big girl panties, roll your sleeves up and WILL yourself ok.

Start off small if you have to, but be determined. Be singled minded, be the immovable mountain and do it.

Life is short. And sometimes you have to fake it till you make it. So put on your dancing shoes, a great dress, and some lipstick. It’ll be worth it.