The Brilliance of the Bored Mind

In this day and age of 24 hour news, social media, and instant everything, is it possible to be board? And if so…why would we want to be bored? Having nothing to do is not particularly enjoyable. But what if we actually need to be bored?

Our to do lists are a mile long, with work, friends, family and never ending tasks. Not to mention the things we want to do and never seem to,have the time. Then all the things we waste time doing, like social media. Why choose to be bored? We have to much to do and it’s not constructive. Or is it?

There have been many studies that say that being bored actually stimulates the brain. It is a time when the brain is free to roam, and our thoughts begin to wonder. We are not multitasking or having to focus on any one thing, so our minds are free. When we are contantly stimulated, the stimulation does the thinking for us…we are not actually doing it for ourselves. We are bejng entertained straight into stupidity because we don’t give our minds time just being creative on their own.

Children used to almost be encouraged to be board. We didnt used to provide them with anything. We were told to go outside and play, or build something, or fugure out what to do. My own mother would tell me that boring people are boring…and smart people are never board. And I think she was right. Those kids back then are the ones who came up with Apple, and smart phones, and Uber, and thousands of other medical,and technological advances we enjoy today. Necause they were bored long enough for their minds to wonder “What if?”

They were bored long enough to wonder what happens after what if. And bored long enough to figure out how to make what if a reality.

When was the last time you just sat and let your mind … wonder? Boredom, that one thing we seem to,be willing tondo,anythung to avoid, is where we think of our most creative solutions and ideas. That is why we need to step away from the phone or tablet of computer. We NEED to be board, so our brain can create instead of being artificially stulimulated.

Of course, with boredom and thoughts also comes the risk of having to deal with topics that are unplaeasnt. We may see a few of our demons or issues along the way. And I think that is why some people avoid the peace and practicality of boredom, because they have things with which they would rather not deal. Don’ be like that, because then you rob your mind of it’s creativity. You take away your brian’s two most precious commodities: time and potential. And who knows, you may even come up with the solution to your problems if you just sit still long enough to be bored.

And indeed I have seen this myself. I don’t like to be bored either, but I have made a conscience effort to put the distractions away and sit with my thoughts. I have come up with solutions to several issues, both work and personal. My creativity flows. I am happier and feel less stressed.

I have realized I have no emotional attachment in the outcome of an otherwise emotional situation. Beyond the superficial, I am fine. Whatever outcome has no effect on my state. I have come up with several topics which to write. And even remembered where I put that other shoe (long story).

This all comes from boredom and having nothing to do.

Life is short. And maybe the secret to a life well lived is knowing when to be active, when to slow down, and when to walk away from distractions enough to let your mind truly wander. And that is how we find the brilliance of the bored mind.

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