Resting Heart repost

Wrote this a few years ago and came across it again.  Sometime I surprise myself. You can read the original here:

I’ve sung together with angels
Fought bravely with my anger
Climbed over the highest mountains
Spent time hiding in such danger

I have laughed with the devil
Spent many nights in anguish
Flown majestic with the eagles
And been left to languish

Risked falling from top a high wire
Delicate balance at every play
Fooled the wisdom of the wiseman
Walked a thousands miles every day

I have lied a million truths
Cried enough tears to flood the earth
Crawled up from the darkest hole
witnessed the miracle of beauty’s worth

I’ve risen with the moon
Soared miles above the sun
And kept the secrets of the dead
To see if you were the one

I want to kiss those lips of yours
To breathe in what you breath out
for even a second it’s worth it
Just to hear love lived out loud

I’ve been through every jungle
Slept with sheep in the lion’s den
Fought with the souls of angels
Been to the beginning and back again

I’ve carried the weight of heavy burdens
And of too much pain to mention
Shed all my tears and sorrows
stripped down in the mirror of convention

Seen the weakness of the mind
And the strength of faith and love
The torture of the morning light
And the mercy from God above

I have climbed mountains and valleys
Spent many nights talking to strangers
Made mistakes by all judgements
Traveled hidden and cloked in danger

Standing bare and stripped of pride
Being Humbled by life’s very nature
The are no illusions before me now
Just wanderlust for this adventure

To hold your hand and sing
To be lovers breathing out and in
Take a chance on this course my dear
Now set this amazing journey to begin

What if it is right and real then
all the miles I have travelled
Will be worth it and pale in the end
To the story that is unravelled

Oh I have run with the worst
And bluffed cards with the best
Broken my heart too many times
But now in your heart mine can rest

Ada 12/15/2017

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