There are some things in life that are sacred. I believe in the sanctity of a relationship. A man should protect a woman and be her champion. Not because she is too weak to protect herself, but because he values her so much. This is the kind of man that I want. It is the kind of man my father was. He adored my mother, and it was beautiful to see. But this is very hard to find these days. But it is sacred.

So are children. And never criticizing a parent to their child. Regardless of whether you are married, divorced, dating or a step parent. It is not right and harms the child. I have seen this first hand with my half siblings. Their mother was bitter and told lies and untruths about our father. In the process, she destroyed any chance they had of having a relationship with our Dad, with me and with other generations. I will bite on my own tongue rather than say something bad to a child about their parent.

The sanctity of friendship. You have each other’s backs, you don’t dig up old hurts or break old confidences to satisfy an appetite for gossip. You defend in public, criticize in private. Be loyal, be honest, be good to each other. Especially in times of trial or sickness.

The sanctity of life. Life is short. Don’t be an ass. Have compassion and empathy. Treat people with kindness. It costs nothing to be a decent human being, so why be mean?