Chicken Soup for More than the Soul

Chicken soup for the soul. We have all heard about the series of books, but honestly, when is chicken soup not for the soul? It is amazing comfort food, tastes delicious and is usually made with love. And if you have ever been lucky enough to have some homemade soup made for you, then you are truly blessed.

And indeed, I was blessed this past week with a huge pot of homemade chicken soup.

It is winter and yes, it even gets cold here sometimes too. There is an arctic blast moving through the country and we are getting our share of it. It had been a long week and I wasn’t feeling great. A hectic schedule and little sleep had made me look and feel like a zombie. When I walked in my warm cozy house smelling something close to heaven. It made me smile and made the stress melt away of my weary body.

Homemade. Chicken. Soup. A big pot of it on the stove. Fresh ingredients chopped up and stirred in with love. No one has made me soup since my Mom died in 2016. In June 0f that years, not even a month before she died, Mom made me my favorite taco soup, and froze it for me. I kept those little frozen containers and cherished them as I ate them on special occasions for a little over a year. That soup was love in a bowl and a hug from beyond.

And then this past weekend happened. And I had a moment where I actually sat and cried over a bowl of soup. It is truly the little things in life that add up to all of the big. Comfort food, healing me from the inside out one warm spoonful at a time. After I had been especially grouchy from being so exhausted. Being given Grace in a bowl, I just lost it, because those little things show a tremendous amount of love. And compassion.

There is still some in the fridge and I’ll eat it tonight too as the temperatures continue to dip below freezing. But my heart will be warm.

Life is short. Spend it with those who make you feel loved. Spend it with those who fill your life and your heart with warmth of all the little things. That is what feeds the soul. Love.

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