Careful, Careful

In life we try to trust as much as we can. We try to give others the benefit of the doubt. But even the wisest of men said trust but verify. No matter who we are in life, we are who we surround ourselves with. God also gave us the gift of discernment. We should use it.

In that sense, you should be careful about whom you call friend, because not everyone has your best interest at heart. Something I have recently seen the hard way. I told recently told a friend of mine a light plan of the future. Something I am thinking about. And that was enough for her to launch into a manipulative tirade to try to sway me in the other direction, pointing out the flaws in others that happen to be in my life. Why? Because it is in her best interest if this other person is not in my life.

I do not think that she is a bad person, I just think that she is used to getting her way and made assumptions about our lives being similar. But they are not. And I can make up my own mind because I have the power of discernment. And if my idea does not work out, then it is my own fault, no one else’s.

And that is the thing about life, you make our own decisions. You cannot make anyone do anything that they do not want to do. You must answer for your decisions, good or bad. And that includes friends.  Be around those who support you doing what makes you happy.  Be with those who support your dreams and doing what it takes to improve your life. Stay away from those who want to lie and manipulate you into creating the life that benefits them the best. Genuine concern is one thing, but insisting is another

Life is short. Make your decisions, live your life and be happy. But be careful about whom you have around along the way. Those closest to you are the ones who will influence you the most. Make sure your best interests are represented. Make sure that when a friend does voice concern that it is genuine and not based on their own desires..

You know your life and abilities better than anyone. Follow listen and follow your gut. Because as my mom used to say, your guts will never lead you wrong.


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