The Secret of Happiness

Sometimes in life it is good to have a secret. But in this day and age of everything being for sale and having a price, can a secret even exist? Why yes it can. Because some things are just too wonderful to share. Sometimes you just want to hold is close, hoping and praying, and enjoying watching it all unfold.

Sometimes you want to enjoy it in all it’s juicy goodness.

And maybe in life, that is the secret. Maybe in this day and age of  oversharing everything, there are some things to keep close. Maybe the secret to winning in life, is the same as in poker: never reveal everything, and always play your cards close to the chest.

Life is short. Savoir it. You’ll know when it is the right tie to share the secret. Until then, let others wonder what gives you that sparkle and spring in your step. Let them wonder what deliciousness you are not speaking. trust me, it’s worth it.

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