Happy Birthday Dad

I know it’s a day early, but I wantrd to go ahead amd say it. I love and miss you so very much every single day. I hope you are doing well, being with Mom and zipping around as wonderful spirits and angels doing God’s work. And watching over me. I know you are the reason I am still here.

Losing you and Mom so fast is not for the faint of heart. The grief…jeeze, the grief isn’t either. I get tired of the grief, bit it never really goes away, does it? That is one of the secrets of life no one tells you – how hard it is to loose your family.

But, I am doing it. And I am killing it (all puns intended, I know you laughed). And I know the only reason why the grief is so heavy is because you guys were such great parents and we loved each other so so much. Only that which brings you not can also bring you pain, it is in direct proportion.

But you are missed and you are so very loved. Mom is too of course, but tomorrow is your birthday. I miss giving you socks everytime. That was so our thing. Loved giving you 70,of them when you turned 70. That was amazing. You would be 83 tomorrow.

I am taking care of myself well, but I miss having someone care about me the way you and Mom did. I miss having you guys have my back, no matter what. I miss being able to come home, having that kind of home to come home too. Because there is nothing like walking through the door of your parents house.

And I miss your voice. My Dad’s voice. But I still have your voicemails, amd Mom’s too. So that helps.

Another big hurricane is coming through, though a different path than the one that pummelled your compound. I wonder if I have PTSD from all of that stuff? Wouldn’t surprise me at all.

Life for me is good. Every day I am better and making my dreams come true. They are so close, I can taste them. Should find out Tuesday if a big puzzle piece is in place. Please put in a good word for me, because it would answer many prayers.

I love you Daddy. Always. Please keep looking over me. Please tell Mom I love her always too. And please both of you visit me in my dreams. And have a wonderful birthday!!! I can only imagine what you are able to see and do. Love you forever.