Gratitude and Karma

No matter how great the trip, there is something wonderful about about being in your own home and sleeping in your own bed. After a wonderful weekend with people so precipis to me, I appreciate being curled up on my couch, snuggling with the kitties.

There is no stress in my body after this wonderdul weekend of relaxing, laughter, love and good food. I am blessed and grateful for all that I have and have been gifted in this life. And amazing people who love me.

And those who verbally attacked me earlier this week, causing drama and stress, who criticized my offers to help, and laughed at my predictions? They have seen a messy situation get worse when it imploded, all on it’s own, as unstable people in unstable situations tend to do. I did nothing, but Karma, she is a wicked visitor when angry.

Life is short. Treat people right so when Karma comes it is a pleasant visit. And if someone treats you poorly, it says much more about them ans their values than it does about you and yours. Be thankful for what you have, be humble to others, and always remember those who love and support you.