Memories. Many songs have been written about them. They can be good or bad and can invoke many emotions within us. Add Facebook to the equation and it gets even more powerful. I came across this memory tonight, the piece I wrote in the three stepping out, read about it here . Two short years ago. And yet, I have lives a thousand lives in those two years.

It is quite a devestating thing to loose all of your immediate family in less than a year. The pain ia truly indescribable. But the amazing thing is that it doesn’t kill you.

That was the worst year of my life. But loosing everyone was actually the easy part. Because after all the loss, you have to get up, get through it and rebuild yourself and your life from the ground up….out od nothing.

And indeed, I had terrible moments of feeling the true weight of Not belonging. Of no where to go at Christmas or Thanksgiving. Where do you do when everyone is gone? Who do you call? Where are your roots? And truly, it as if I was the largest, proudest tree in the forest, and all my roots had been hacked off. I felt shriveled and heart broken.

But my mother taught me that no ine event is bigger than your life, so you must go on. And I did.

Twonshort years later, after all of the loss and devastation, I have rebuilt my life better than ever. Truly there is love that is so,present that it is tangible. I am surrounded by amazing friends and I will never be witgout family again. And my cousins, my wonderful, beautiful, amazing cousins have made sure that I know I am never alone.

I have fought tooth and nail,for this life I have now, filled with everything good and wonderful. I have rebuild myself, with each heartbeat, rebuilt my life brick by brick. I am happy and surrounded by love. Never again will I be without all the love in this world.

And so here I am. I survived and thrived. And I am better for it. So when you think that the pain is too much…just breath through it. Trust me, give yourself some time, and you too will triumph.