God Does Not Play Dice

“God does not play dice with the universe.” – Albert Einstein

There are times in life when we get off track. We get lost or distracted or simply take a wrong turn somewhere. The road of life we don’t have a map or instruction manual, so when we are looking at where we are now, and where we want our life to be, sometimes it’s not so simple to know how to get there.

And let’s face it, if you’re on the wrong path, no matter how hard you work or how much you try, you’re going to end up going in a different direction than where you need to be. And I think sometimes this is where God steps in.

I look at that Einstein quote and several things come to mind. First I look at all the changes and different directions that have recently happened in my life. And at first I was panicked and unsure and depressed. But now, while I’m still a little nervous, I’m not so panicked anymore. This is because I think that somehow I got off the path that I was supposed to be on, and God is stepping in and simply placing me back where I need to be. Nothing just happens quite a bit in life. Because we’re human, because we are imperfect, and because we obviously many times have no idea how to navigate, especially in this very complex and tricky world.

And so I close my eyes and say a prayer, and hold on tight as God places me where he wants me to be once more. And there is a relief in this trust. Because I know if I hold on tight and have faith, when I open my eyes and the dust settles, I know that I will see exactly the path on which I need to move forward.

Oh, but it certainly is scary in the meantime, isn’t it? Because somehow sometimes going on the wrong path is less scary than closing your eyes and having faith when you realize that you’re lost. Sometimes the path that’s in front of us is much more comfortable then stepping off, looping back, I’m trying to figure out where we took that wrong turn. But if we are truly going to be what we are meant to be in this life, and all of our brilliance, and all of our possibilities, and we must get on the right track.

And getting back on track could be uncomfortable, because it involves change. And sometimes even good change can be enough to give us some anxiety. It can also be difficult because it can also mean walking away from people you love but who are simply not good for you anymore. It could mean changes in jobs, and addresses, and thoughts, and mentality, and people, and careers, and situations, and everything else that we could possibly wrap up into this life.

Somehow I think, I know, I will be okay if I just hold on and have faith. There are dreams that I have, goals that I need to achieve. And there is also God’s will, as I look for my purpose in serving others. And so I cannot pray and not have faith in the answers. And so in this giant shift, I’m reminded that God does not play dice with the universe, or any of us. And deep down Within Me, where the heart meets the mind, and the soul talks with the conscience, I know I will soon find that for which I have been seeking. Because I’ve heard that which we seek is also seeking us, as in the power of attraction.

Life is short. Don’t stay on the wrong path for too long, even though it might be fun or even though getting on track might be scary. Trust me, the faith is worth it when you open up your eyes.