The Rain and the Light

I love when the storms roll in. There’s just something so therapeutic about falling asleep to the sound of the rain, the drops falling against the window pane, and the Thunder rattling the glass. There’s something therapeutic knowing that I’m safe and sound inside, wrapped up in warm blankets in my own bed.

There have been many storms coming through in the last week both literally and metaphorically. And there is something cleansing about the rain as well. It washes away all the dirt, all the grime, all the pollen, all the pollution of the world. And if you open up your heart and your mind and your soul, it will clean them too.

After recent losses, this time to cleanse I wash away all the dirt and the grime so that the sunlight can shine through once again. It is truly amazing what happens when you cast out negative people who are bad for you. It is truly amazing the light that shines in. Even the cracks in the hurts in the heart are raised where light can be let in. That light floods the darkness, and once again not only the world but the soul in the heart are lit up.

In the past 48 hours I’ve had more energy and more peace than I have in the past three months or so. I am happier, I am lighter, I am more rested, and I feel better than I have in quite a while. I have long said that that which leads you to peace will also lead you to happiness. Because happy people have that sense of inner peace that’s all around them. Chaos breeds contempt and misery. And life is entirely too short to tolerate those instances.

And so I look forward to more of this rain, cleansing everything around, including me. I look forward to the sunshine in the coming days as well. And the rainbows and the growth I can only come from God’s love and light.