Toxic Shock

There are some people thatvare simply so toxic that you cannot have them in your life. No communication what so ever, because even the most innocent of communication will be manipulated. These are people who ate so miserable within themselves, that they must hurt others to make themselves feel better. And these people are dangerous. They cannot be trusted, even if they come in kindness or as doing you a favor. A snake is still a snake no matter how you dress it up.

The best thing to be done is to simply walk away. Because they will never change, they will,never admit wrong doing – the will even play the victim. Don’t believe it and don’t get sucked in. Because Karma will catch up to them.

I have witness this in full this week. And I was able to drive the Karma bus right to their driveway and hand them the full plate…of their own medicine. Except I just told the truth. And now I walk away, clear conscience, after throwing the match to burn,the bridge to the ground.

Because I got tired of bending over backwards for these people, making exceptions and tolerating more than I should, because they had a bad childhood or a horrible mother. We all have our crosses in life, and that is no excuse to be a horrible human being.

And that was it. I owe them nothing more than the truth and they got it in spades. I am done being nice to bad people. Done making excuses because they did not have what I was given. I am done being nice out of obligation or duty to those who have no place at the family table.

And I am done with them period. There is no anger or bitterness, only relief that their existance will no longer even be acknowledged. There is relief now that all of it has been released.

And in life that is what must be done sometimes. You must get rid of the possibility of toxic shock sundrome in your life, which means walking away from all toxic people. And trust me, the best revenge truly is being happy and living your best life. Because that will eat them up alive. But you will be too busy being happy to notice.

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