The Twilight Zone

Let’s say there was a single father who was looking for a CFO job at a children’s hospital. And that single father knew the places he interviewed would never hire him if he was a single father. So begs his ex-girlfriend to fly up with him during the interviews and pretended to be his fiance, and lie to his potential employers about whether or not he will be married and not be a single father soon.

So she, in an effort to help him get closer to his family and two other children, reluctantly agrees to be his “pretend fiance.” She pays for her own airfare, all of her own expenses, as he says the company will cover all of her costs and reimburse her, since she us his “fiance.” Never mind that it is all a lie.

The companies wine and dine him, sending out relocation specialists to drive him and the “fiance” around, show them the area, take them to lunch, and find out “their” preferences.

She goes to both meetings in both cities, performing well. This is to help him get closer to his children, she tells herself when her conscience rumbles. He, being the psychopath, takes full advantage of her, using her. He barely says three sentences to the first relocation Specialists, smugly leaning back in the backseat as he forces her to take the lead on a relocation and lie about the life that isn’t even her own.

The second meeting with the relocation specialists, he refuses to talk to her, or look at her, or show any kind of affection to her…do the two female relocation specialist notice he doesn’t hold her hand or even open the car door for her…when they are supposed to be engaged?

His actions in both meetings and in both cities, with both relocation specialist teams, baffle her. Why did he beg her to help, why did he go through so much trouble to lie, why was she there, why did he insist that she wear engagement ring, (which sees supplied herself), if he wasn’t going to act like they were engaged? What was the purpose of him begging her to be there, pretending to be engaged, if he was going to behave this way?

She shrugged her shoulders and determined that the jobs must not have been important to him at all, since he was trying to lie to get them in the first place. And so she Shrugged her shoulders again, ended the lie he begged her to perform in, returned to being his ex-girlfriend, and she lived happily ever after.

As for him…? Who cares. He shouldn’t have tried to lie to get the jobs in the first place.