The Date

Getting ready for a first date is always a bit of a thrill. It is fun to be girly, get dressed up with hair and make up on a beautiful spring evening. And after the last few weeks of dealing the Crazy Man (aka Bill Little), his yelling, cussing, verbal abuse, game playing and manipulation… I am looking forward to a nice, calm dinner full of smiles and first date conversation.

He has been interested in me for a while, but we never seem to be single at the same time. Until now. When he heard that Crazy Man and I had called it quits, he moved in quickly. Never one to waste any time, I received roses at work (how he pulled that off is still a mystery). When he found out CM was trying to win me back, he simply chuckled and said there was no competition as far as he was concerned. He could offer me what Crazy Man could not: Stability and consistency, kindness and compassion. Indeed.

That is the thing about first dates…if Crazy Man had been good to be and treated me right, this man and I would never be going out in the first place. Because new guy would not have been able to ask me out. I am a faithful woman, and I don’t cheat. Crazy had his chance, and he was such a partner that another man was able to come in and say that I deserved better.

And so legs are shaved, almost too short but still classy spring dress is on, lipstick applied, hair pretty, shoes perfect and phone on silent…and the sky is a beautiful color blue.

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