The Best First

At 46, to say that I have had my best first date is quite a statement. First, he came to my house and waited (patiently) for me to get ready. before we left for dinner, h plays Blue Ain’t your Color by Keith Urban and slow dances with me – something Bill always refused to do. He held me tight and reassured me that while the other treated me cruel, he would always be kind and respectful.

Music plays a huge part of my life. I was in radio for 15 years, and I can tell you exactly what year and what was going on in my life by the songs that were in the top 10. A man who can woo me with music, especially my favorites, is golden in my book. The art of seduction is truly an art, and if he can seduce me by music, he is a special kind of man who deserves my attention. I am a sucker for a musician, so a guitar or a piano, Piano is my favorite, always gets major points. This guy had points in the millions be the end of the night.

Next was dinner and THE BEST food ever eaten (and I have eaten at many amazing places). There was amazing food that was not on the menu because he knew the owner. Because I don’t know anything about wine, he picked out everything for each course that we ate. And it was amazing. Everything paired well it was truly one of the best meals I have ever had. The owner came out and spoke to us, and personally made and brought us our desserts. Again, the most amazing chocolate Creme Brulee I have ever experienced (and I say experience, because it was that good.)

And the New Guy planned it out. He had one single red rose brought out to me with every course that we ate. It takes a lot of effort to plan something that romantic.

After that was running to a jazz place close by, where he again knew the owner. There were red roses waiting for me there as well. New guy went all out, which was wonderful. After listening to some great live music took my hand and brought me over to the piano where he played “Break on Me” by Keith Urban (he knows that KU is my favorite artist). The New Guy is concert pianist level talented which only adds to his sexiness. He also knows most of what I have been through, and wanted to let me know, in the most romantic way possible, that I could depend on him. He would be there for me whenever needed for whatever I needed, no matter what time. I MELTED. And I cried.

After the past few weeks of dealing with Crazy Man being an ass, even after he found out about a medical issue I was having, this was a welcome reminder that wonderful men don’t yell, cuss at women or play games. This guy is straight up, no filter, speaks his mind and makes no apologies. I would rather have a man with little tact, than a smooth manipulator who is cruel to a woman is medical distress any day.

Then, because things were getting much too serious, he had us sing “the Fighter” by, you guessed it, Keith Urban. It is such a fun song to sing with someone and I could not help but smile and laugh and we sang our duet, or maybe that was because of all the wine. We even got applause by the other patrons who could tell me were having a great time.

The drive home was also filled with specific music. When I say New Guy gets a gold medal for effort, I mean it. He had the playlist planned out to the minute for the drive home. The music was more of my favorite artists and songs, specifically geared toward convincing me to Break up with Him. He even played “When We Dance” by Sting, which is another one of my absolutely favorite songs in the entire world.

Like a true gentleman, he walked me to the door and did one of the most romantic things that absolutely makes me melt – he kissed my hand. It has been 20 years since a man kissed my hand after a date – I melted then, and I melted tonight.

This New guy, has class and this one the best first date I have ever had. But not just because of the extreme romance, but because of the respect I was given. When Crazy Man threatens that we should “just be friends” and complains about how “He just made one mistake and can’t believe I haven’t forgiven him yet,” or he says “I’m done'” I can smile and know that he is just lazy. You cannot be an ass then get man because another man treats “your girl” better. If you don’t want to take care of your girlfriend, don’t worry, another man will.  If you want to keep her, then you better treat her right and put a ring on it. (Meanwhile, the Crazy Man will be an extra ass because he talked to his ex wife before speaking to me…and he always takes out his anger at her out on me, which is how another man could come in and convince me to go on a date.)


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