The Off Day

Everyone has the off day, where nothing works out. Last Thursday was my day, and my sitcom inspired life continued like a locomotive headed for Calamityville.

I had forgotten to set the alarm the night before and subsequently got up late as a result. Not quite awake yet, I set up the coffee incident of 2019. The first pot I forgot to put the grounds in. The second pot I missed the coffee pot all together and poured water all over the counter. Finally, the third pot was the charm. Except I spilled the cup of delicious coffee down the front of my dress. Great. A few more changes to get just the right outfit, and jewelry, and shoes and purse (This whole go into the office thing takes a lot of effort after having working from home for the past two years! It is exhausting and takes a tremendous amount of effort when you don’t even have to be dressed to start working. Wait, that sounded REALLY bad. I mean, all I would have to do is roll out of bed, turn my computer on and start working. Wait, that sounded worse. I mean that I could work in my Pjs. Since I am a writer, I don’t have even have to brush my teeth and comb my hair. OI can roll out of bed, turn on the computer and start writing…)

And that coffee was sooo delicious. If I only had not left it on the kitchen counter as I rushed out of the door. Dry mouthed, still sleepy, deprived of my morning caffeine, I was on the road for the 45 minute drive into the office. When I got there I had to empty out the entire contents of my huge purse to find the security badge that gave me access to the floor.

And I walked in a few minutes late to the scheduled morning meeting…that was scheduled for 3 hours and right through lunch. It ran an hour later – as in almost 10-2, when I had another meeting at 2. At this point I have not had breakfast, no coffee, nothing to drink in the meeting – not even water. I was about to [pass out. I ran downstairs to grab a quick sandwich that I devoured on the way upstairs to the next meeting. And I did not have time to wash my hands before the next meeting like I had planned.

So I wreaked of the tuna and onion sandwich scarfed down. It was a very small “huddle room,” so there was no escaping. Not a great thing, especially if you are a woman. I just wanted to crawl under something big and heavy…and scented. The result of that meeting is now I am designing a website. Except I am a tech writer and have no clue how to design a website. Apparently I need to do mock ups, and research and learn the how to design the site in the system. Well, I am all for learning new things….

And then on to the parking garage, where I got lost and could not find my car. I kept checking my phone to see if it was a Monday and not Thursday. It seemed that Monday was not finished with me yet and called her cousin to finish the job. Once I got home I took  my bra off and I changed into Pjs.  I wasn’t tempting fate by going out again.

I poured a glass of wine, grabbed the remote for some mindless TV, settled in for the night and had a good chuckle over the day.

Life is short. And sometimes all you can do is laugh. There is no point is getting upset – just embrace the full, glorious mess that you are.

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