New Beginnings

Lately there has been a ton of new beginnings, and tomorrow continues the trend. A new project in my career, and it is exciting.

I will miss being a bum, so to speak. But I have learned valuable lessons during my time off. That is to make myself a priority. And many people are accused of being selfish when they make themselves a priority, but that’s not the case. You must take care of yourself in order to take care of anyone else.

Taking care of yourself is also a sign of self-love. If we love ourselves we’re going to take care of ourselves. That means taking time off when you need it, taking a stroll through the park when you need it. And listening to your mind, your body, and your soul. It means making sure that you give yourself all you need to truly be healthy. To eat right, to exercise, to get rest, but it’s so much more than that too.

At church today the sermon talked about slowing down and stepping aside enough to hear God’s voice, and understand his plan for you. The priests mentioned that many times were often rushing around so much that we can’t even hear what God says to us. We pray at night it we are so busy during the day that we cannot hear God’s answer. This time off has shown me the beautiful rhythm of God’s grace.

And I plan to take care of myself enough to make sure I hear his voice. And that means taking care of myself enough so that I can be still, is that I do not get so wrapped up in all the pressure, that I take time, and then I find the beauty in this amazing life that I’ve been blessed to have.

And so it is that I go off on this new adventure.

Life is short. Have adventures. Build the life you want. And take care of yourself.

Love is a Many Splendered Thing

Love. Wow. We seek it, we want it, as humans we need it. Love can work miracles and often does. It can also break our hearts, where the light comes into our souls from the cracks and the breaks.

For me, I am enjoying it. There is a miracle in the joy of relenting control and giving yourself to another. And I do not mean sexually, I mean spiritually, mentally, emotionally. To drop the guard and the walls, to exhale, open your eyes, and inhale with eyes look back at you, smiling.

And I welcome it, all of it. It is a miracle this man found me and recognized the possibilities. A miracle that I was finally in a space where I could accept what he has to offer. And a miracle that our two lices are lining up.

And to make plans for the future is fun and exhilarating. Trusting another with your heart and future is something else. There are vacations, thoughts, ideas, jobs and life to be built, the two of us at the helm.

Finally, a man who knows what to do with a strong willed, independent, stubborn, and clumsy red head. A man who smiles at my faults and laughs at my jokes. Finally a,man who wants to build with me, instead of control me.

Life is short. Find the love and give yourself to it.