10 of Years

In 2008, my friend Melissa was part of what was referred ti on Atlanta as the “Leap Day Dozen.” She was the number one rated DJ on air in Atlanta, and was fired, along with 11 of her on air colleagues in order to make a 30% cut in expenses for the station.  She was rightly upset, and I remember telling her, that there would come a time when what happened wouldn’t even matter. In 1 yr, 5, even 10 years, her life would grow, her perspective change and and she would see that somehow this was a blessing.

But the truth was that in 10 years, she would be gone. In 10 years, she would be taken, too soon, from us. And I wonder, in a way, did she know, that on Aug 5th 2008, she would die 10 years later, to the day?

I wish I could ask her. And I wish I could ask what would she have done differently if she had known she only had 10 years left? And then I wonder, what would I do differently if I only had 10 years? What would we all do differently?

Would you worry less and laugh more? Would you play more and work less? Would you travel, or try skydiving, or do whatever it is you are too scared to do?

Life is short. And everything you want is on the other side of fear. So do what you would do with your last 10 years? Go do it. 🙂

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