Goodnight Sweet Olive

When you adopt a pet, it is a lifetime commintment, as in their lifetime. I am a firm believer in adopting for life.

And when we adopt, we must understand that our pets are completely dependant upon us for everything – food, water, medical care, love and emotional support. I say emotional support as well because animals can become depressed or. Distressed too. For instance, an abusive relationship can have a huge effect on animals too.

And when they becone sick, it is up to us to determine the best way to keep the from suffering. And I always wanted to be a pwt owner that walked that fine line, but managed to catch them before suffering happened. But oh it is so hard, and it is a fine line.

And so my beautiful Miss Olive kitty had liver cancer. And she was starting to suffer. She stopped eating, didnt drink much, her eyes were dilated, she stayed hunched up for a day, she started wanting more time alone and when she did eat, she threw up. It was time.

So I made the appointment , and took her to the vet. It was peaceful and painless and incredibly difficult. I cried the whole time.

She was a wonderful pet that I had for 13 yearsm. She came to me when a neighbor found her and asked that I take her in. She was sweet and sassy, and perfect. And for 13 years she ruled my house. And I will miss her so very much.