Birthday Months

As we launch further into February, I have to look back and smile this past birthday month. There are times in our life when we must celebrate. And I truly believe that your birthday month because one of those times. And it should not just be confined to one day, but the entire month.

And this past month was filled with every kind of celebration for my birthday imaginable. And it was wonderful. There were long conversations, and dinners, and catching up with friends, and exploring new places, and trying new things. There was a vacation, and a trip to a place that I’d wanted to visit for years, and catching up with old friends once there.

And there were smiles, and tears, and laughter, and tasks done and completed, and some things left undone, to wrap up this next month. But most of all, there was a celebration of life. Because this little life that we have, that we are blessed to get, is so short and so fleeting, that we must truly celebrate every single day and every single moment that we possibly can.

And along with this celebration, of life, there’s also the celebration of me. Celebration of my life being returned back to me,. And celebration of the beginning of truly taking care of myself again, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally. It’s all wrapped up in there, and I have ignored myself for far too long.

Life is short. Don’t forget to celebrate every minute, and don’t forget to take care of yourself in the process. Always be willing to invest in yourself, because yes you are worth it.

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