You Better Belize It

There are times in life when we need adventure, when we need a change of scenery, a change of pace, a break. We work hard to strive and reach our goals, we work hard to be better and there must be a reward. Europeans typically take 6 weeks of vacation a year, as they recognize the need to get away and play. But Americans don’t play as much, which is a shame.

Indeed, this has been the first vacation in many years, and it has been ling overdue. Belize. For a week. Beautiful sand, sun, friends, drink and an unbeleivable amount of delicious feastage. Lobster everyday, if not several times a day, while in season. I have eaten everything on the vacation, leaving no culinary stone unturned. I don’t even want to know how much weight I have gained, but it doesnt matter, I regret nothing.

Seeing and spending time with wonderful friends. Meeting new friends, amazing sunrises, beautiful sunsets, an incredible double rainbow, lots of drinks, more laughter than I thought possible, 10lbs, a lost contact lens, a new hat, some snazzy souvenirs, a few rans lines and memories forever. The first trip in a ling time, and,hopefully a sign of more to come.

Life is short. Aleays make time to play.