The 46th year of Love

Birthdays. We all have them. And some celebrate, other’s hide, and yet some feel completely apathetic to whole thing. I am one of the ones who celebrate my birthday – All. Month. Long.

And why not?  All the celebration and appreciation cannot fit into one day. Similarly, just like I can’t even think about squeezing into my skinny pants. Not even a chance. Having my birthday in January is always fun, because it starts with the New Years Eve celebration, and just keeps on going until we slide into February.

And this year is no different, except it’s better than it has ever been. And so I have decided that this is the year of Love.  This will be the year of no regrets. This will be the year of my dreams. Last year was all about recovering and rebuilding.  The fortress is now standing, so now it is about life being completely filled to the brim with everything Love.

And that starts with me. This month I am dedicating to self care, to refill and replenish what was depleted over the years.  I am taking care of needs, those that are fun and those that are necessary. The dentist, the car tune up, the vet, the physical, the financial, and the cleaning out of what no longer serves me. The old furniture was taken to the dump, the old clothes given to charity, and junk drawers cleaned out and organized. Life is getting in order, because something amazing is coming.

We have to get out lives in order to get away from the frantic kinetic energy that spins our lives into a thousand directions where we get nothing done, even though we have traveled thousands of miles.

So there is wine and fireside talks, and late night dinners at all night diners. There are trips and indulgences and laughter and kisses and wonderful. There will be spas and pampering and relaxing and most of all, there will be love.

Because you must subscribe the self care if you are going to be happy, healthy and able to give to those around you. Without taking time to replenish, you will have nothing to offer. And what better time to replenish and take care of myself than my birthday month?

It is a new year, a new age, a new time in this new life. And I cannot wait for all the journeys in this 46th year.

Life is short, love yourself, then love life.  It will love you back,