Convalescent is defined as a person who is recovering after an illness or operation. But to me this definition is incomplete. Because how many of us could use a little extra love and care? How many of us would love to check into a place where you are taken care of, and I don’t just mean like a spa?  I mean a place where they know that maybe you have had or gone through some tough times?

How wonderful would it be if we could take time to stay at a place where there was hot chicken soup, warm fuzzy socks, our favorite guilty pleasure TV or movies and extra fluffy pillows? A place where it was OK to just “be.” A place to recover from life, and be loved and cared for for a bit?

I am taking time off, for convalescence. I am not working, I am sleeping late, watching TV, taking long hot baths or showers. I am writing and reading and enjoying time with friends. There is hot tea and warm blankets.  There is rest, of the mind, heart and soul. And it is wonderful.

And it also depends on your perspective.  At first I was thinking I would take time off to get much needed things done…but now it is a mix of both.  I have given myself permission to rest.  Yes there is a to do list, but I get it done on my time. And I do not feel guilty for staying in my Pjs, resting and taking care of myself. The past almost 3 years have been non stop caring for others and everything. Now, it is time that I take care of myself. Not just exercise either, but my emotional self.

But it is not as easy as one would think.  Because there is a tendency to want to get up and do, everything. Because sometimes we feel like we must be busy, taking care of business, or we feel guilty. Why? Maybe because we feel like we have to prove our importance. But we shouldn’t, because taking care of ourselves is the best investment we could ever make.

And so in this time of the Great Purge, there is also the Great Recovery. I am taking care of myself for the first time in years.

Life is short. Take time to recover and recharge. Because if we are empty vessels, we have nothing to give to others. Invest in yourself, I promise it will be a rich return.