When Worlds Collide

There are times in life when we are are busy enjoying every moment, drinking it all in as much as we can.  And aren’t those times beautiful?  And I wonder, how many of those times would we have if everything always went according to plan?  Sometimes the best things that happen are when the plan goes off the rails, and we are left to figure it out.  Sometimes the best adventures are on the paths we had no idea we would take.

How many times have we wished for a compass or an instruction book to get us through those hard or difficult times?  How many times have we worked hard to try to keep our plans in place, determined to make life turn out just the way we wanted? I do it too.  But there is a saying: Man plans and God laughs.  But would we want it any other way?

The way answer is to say that we want that instruction book, or compass, to tell us what we need to do when we are confused or feel lost.  But what about all those unexpected paths that lead to the most wonderful adventures?  Think about all that might be missed it life went exactly as planned. Think about the people we would never meet, the adventures we would miss, the laughter of the spontaneous joke or the thrill of the first unplanned kiss.

As hard as it has been to navigate the past few years I would not want it any other way.  Because now I find myself in a wonderful, unplanned place, on a path that is wide open. And if life had gone the way I planned, none of what is in front of me now would be happening at all.

And so it is time to take that leap of faith and settle into the unknown. And what not,  really, what else have you got to do? Take it all in and enjoy the paths, people and circumstances that come along. Because I think it is the surprises in life, the things which we are not looking for, that can turn out to be the sweetest moments of all.

Life is short. Make it spectacular.