Winter setting in

Temperatures are dipping down to freezing in a bit below, which is a bit unusual during this time of the year for us here in the South. It is a little early for such cold weather and snow flurries. But no matter, I’ll take it.

Indeed it seems that winter is setting in. The heat is on the fireplaces have fires in them, warm blankets and soft sheets and fluffy pillows are on the beds. And instead of coax, my drink of choice on these cold winter nights is tea.

The holidays are quickly approaching and I’m ready. I am ready for both hibernation and adventure which may sound like complete contradictions, but they are not. I want to snuggle down in the warm blankets, with hot tea, or good wine, and movies. And I want to go out and explore and enjoy all that this life has to give. Finally comfortable in my role now. Finally comfortable with the new normal. And this season will be a happy one.

Many of my new family have extended invitations for the holidays, and get-togethers, and catching up. And everywhere I look I’m reminded of all the love that’s there for me, just for the asking. Actually it’s there even if I don’t ask for it. And it feels good, and wonderful, and warm.

The repairs are underway, and we’ll be wrapping up soon. The house is a mess right now, but soon we’ll be cleaned and decorated for the holidays. And soon I’ll be in bed, wrapped up in a cozy blanket. Yes winter is setting in, and there is nothing like the warmth from The Hearth to warm the heart.