Thoughts in Action

Life has been busy and hectic these days.  Getting everything organized and situated with the repairs of the family compound, looking for the next contract, planning trips, having meetings, doing freelance…it has been quite exhausting. Which accounts for the lack of writing the  last few weeks.  There have been plenty of things to write, but the ideas usually come when I am either knee deep in something, or late at night when I am too exhausted to type.

My house is littered with notes scribbled here and there, on everything from envelopes to notepads, to napkins, to receipts.  Ideas of what to write about, thoughts and feelings, written out in every room. Because I don’t want to miss any ideas.

And yet here I am, almost 1am, barely able to keep my eyes open to write. But here are some notes.  If you ever wanted to know what it is like inside a writer’s head, here is a peek.

Note 1:

Something happens in the quiet. In the quiet, we don’t try to keep our minds occupied all of the time. Our mind gets to wonder in cracks and crevices deep within, our mind explores different thoughts down the Avenues of awareness. But first we have to let our mind not be occupied. And that can be scary, because it is as if we are afraid to be alone with our own thoughts. It is is as if we are afraid to not be occupied 100% of time. We seem to be uncomfortable with true down time and being truly unplugged and in tune with our own thoughts.

But it is when our mind is not occupied or entertained that our own imagination is allowed to wonder. And creativity comes alive. It is during this time that we can solves problems, while daydreaming and letting our minds wonder. It is where the spark of curiosity starts, as the thoughts lead us to new discoveries.

But first we must be alone with ourselves, our thoughts and our minds. And we must run the risk of being bored.  They always say that everything you want is just outside of your comfort zone.

Note 2

I saw a rainbow driving back from my parents place, and I always think of rainbows is a sign and a smile for my dear Mom. Especially when I asked for a rainbow not 5 minutes before seeing this one. What was interesting about this rainbow is that it wasn’t in my line of view.

If I sat normally in the driver’s chair of my car the rainbow would have be covered up by the roof . Only when I leaned forward did I catch a glimpse of this beautiful full rainbow. And isn’t that true in life as well? How many times are the solutions, and solutions that we’re working so hard for, is just out of our view? How many times are the answers for we seek right there as well? And we just have to hold on a little bit longer, pray a little bit more, take a few more steps, before the things that are just outside our peripheral come into focus. Just another reason why I know I can’t give up, because the reasons, the answer, everything  I seek, it’s just outside my line of view.

And sometimes we have to shift a bit to see what is right in front of us.  Sometimes that is all it takes.

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