There are things that make us proud of our parents.  For many years I have been proud of the kind of people they were, and what hey taught me.  I am proud of their professional accomplishments and how many lives they touched as well. Recently I fond another reason to be proud of my wonderful father.

Dad was a professional engineer and had an amazing career.  He thing everything from designing the control systems for ballistic missiles, to the control systems and equipment for nuclear power plants, to designing many inventions and then having his own firm. And he designed the family compound, which was hit pretty hard by the hurricane.

The storm was a category 4 when it hit, maybe a high cat 3. And yet, the only damage to any of the buildings is where the trees made contact.  Nary a shingle out of place other than that. My father designed and built everything so strong and solid, that it all withstood the storm.  There was a lot of damage sustained from the trees, but the windows are all in tact, the structural integrity of the buildings still fine.

And I am so very proud of him,my father.  I just want to give him a big hug and tell him how brilliant he was to know that the family home would need to be built to last through a storm like that. And I love him all the more.

And isn’t that also the case with life?  That we are stronger than we think and capable of handling even the toughest of hurricanes in life?  Through hard work, faith and prayer.