Binding Friendships

We all needs friends, because no man is an island.  And that all important support network is vital in life.  And this weekend was that network in beautiful force. Because you go the extra mile for those you love, for those who mean the most.

There was much driving this weekend, in order be there for those who are loved and love the most.  There was dinner and food, and too much tequila, and laughter and tears, and shoulders and hope and friendships that last and will last.

And as I come out of this weekend, it is clear that now more than ever, is important to appreciate all the little, wonderful, perfect moments that surround us every day. And we must appreciate that love that is all around us.  My friend Melissa taught me that love comes into our lives in many forms, and each one is valuable and will teach us something if we are only willing to learn. friends, family, lovers, of all different levels offer many experiences and lessons in our lives.

And so there will be more celebrations. To be honest I am tired of the doom and gloom and ready for the good stuff. There are trips to be planned.  A trip to NYC during the holidays, a trip to Belize for my birthday and a trip to the beach or Reno to just have fun.

There are many good times to be had in the near future.  Most of the time I try to live in the moment, but I am beyond ready for the cooler night s and days ahead.  It has been hot late into the year, and it was 92 in my hometown this weekend. I am looking forward to Fall more so than the long winter. If it is a short Fall season, that means that more fun must be packed in per square hour to make sure it is worth it.

So I move forward, in the days to come, safe and sound in the binding friendships that line the path of this journey.  Time will be spent with those who love and appreciate my presence in their life. Old and new, young or older, friends are what makes life fabulous.

Life is short. Make it good and share it with friends.