The Goodbye


Where there’s death there’s hope – Mark 5:21

Saying goodbye can be extremely difficult. And indeed it was today. Saying goodbye to my soul sister Melissa today was harder than expected even.  Because there was no denying that it was real, that it was final and that it really was goodbye.

But it was also the celebration of all whom she touched. all the lives and the stories and the love. And she was love.  She loved to love everyone around her.

It was a drive to Nashville to have dinner and drinks with another dear friend with whom I would attend the service. There was catching up, and filling in. There was advice and stories. There was Hope.

Hope because I am still alive, hope because there is still love all around, hope because of all the lives she touched.

Hope because honestly love takes work. It is not always easy to love others, but the result is more than worth the effort. And her life, her celebration today, was proof.

It was good to see her family, and her friends, and meet new friends that I heard her talk about. It was a difficult day, and I will miss her. But in the end, after goodbye, there is hope.

Life is delicate and short. Love as much as you can, and let hope and faith lead you the rest of the way.