I wrote this a year ago. And it showed up on my Facebook memories. And as I read it it dawned on me that it is just as applicable today as it was a year ago, because I’m about to go on quite a leap of faith. And 30 days my life will not look or be the same as it is today. All the things that I’ve worked for, prayed for, hoped for, will have come. And then it will be time to put all those dreams into action…

Calculated Risk

There are times in life that you must take chances, risks and take a leap of faith Regardless of what others might think, or if they say/think you are crazy. You have to be willing to follow your gut, and that takes courage. But if you want your life to go the way you want, that is what you have to be willing to do.

This is where I find myself. No mater how many times I do it, there is always a moment where I have to catch my breathe and ask “what am I doing?” And I pray that it all works out. But I know it will. I know I won;t fall when I step off the ledge.

I had a bad feeling about a situation that I originally thought was a great idea. And then, my gut start screaming at me. So I completely changed the direction and intention. This was a shock to those around me, because everything was set. And some were upset. They will get over it and be fine.

I remember way back in 2000 when I knew I had to move up to Atlanta. So I packed up a moving truck and drive up. I had no job and no place to live. But I knew I would find a place that day. And I did. Everyone thought I was crazy…”You drove to Atlanta in a packed moving truck, with no no and no place to live?” Yep. And I found a place to live that day and a job that week. Crazy? Perhaps. But it worked.

I was told I was crazy to quit my cushy job in finance to start my own writing company. I was told it would not work, that I should stay where the money was good and the paycheck was steady. But I didn’t listen. And I have never been happier. You will never happy you will never reach our dreams unless you take some risks. Unless you leave your comfort zone and other people’s comfort zone.

And so I embark on another “crazy” adventure. Some say it cannot be done, but I say that it can. I know it can. It is only crazy when the odds are against you. But the odds are ever in my favor. I know it. I can feel in in my bones.

So hang on, it will be quite a ride. But it always is isn’t it? We have the power to make out life what we want it to be. So join me won;t you? Let’s make it spectacular.