Two Funerals and a Sale

It seems that all that is missing  from this upcoming weekend is a wedding. It will be all about friendships and love as several situations come to their completion.

It starts Thursday night, as I roll in to Nash-vegas to spend time with a friend so we can go to the funeral of another friend. We will have dinner and laughs and good times before the morning service. He was a great friend and was there for me after Dad died, and we will be leaning on each other as we say goodbye to our friend.

After that it is off to the family compound to start another round of pack’em and move’em now that a buyer has been found. It is the closure for which I have been praying. It is emotional but it is freedom.

Then it is off to another service, to hold a friend as she says goodbye to a sibling.

And all this would seem too depressing .  But it is the love and support of friends that makes it not so. It is the love and support of those loved most, it is their closeness and their care, that keeps it in perspective.

The perspective is that I am alive, and here, and healthy. I am surrounded by those who love me, surrounded by support, surrounded by integrity. Life is so short and delicate. Those whom you love and who love you, are the most important thing. And the longer I live, the more I believe that the most important things in life involve loving and being loved.

Life is short. Love it. And show it.